Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

by Sylvia Legris 

Glacier maybe. Unholy.
Wormwood of Garden and Sea.
Mars-governed, midsummer.

The muzzy gumline summons
gods of bad dreams. Earache-haze,
stormy stomach, mugworty sunrise.

Tonic the waters with febrifuge and
anthelmintic. Artemisia absinthium
leechdom-ruse, gastric subterfuge.

Take with wine for the poison of ixia,
with honey for dullness of sight. A crush
of buckthorn and lolium, rose-wax and fig,

for jaundice and gas, dropsy, spleen. To slay
a slew of shrewmice, prophecy of sea dragon,
brew with passum and saltpetre, rosaceum.

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