Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

by Melanie Janisse Barlow 

there were no snacks at the breakup
there are no monsters at this ressurection

in it
it is so tender, so so tender
a heart-accordion
each chakra lighting up like a light bulb on the upswing
in it
a battle between earth and water
interactive Geminis
in it
the cup of anger ferments into a dangerous scoby
we drink tumeric until our mouths are yelloworange
sweetsalty blend
in it
you are a dead giveaway

if the sun is god it's a win here
only a whisper of a trap
set somewhere in the silt
of a morning coffee

in it
an inner
            pheasants on Brush Street scattering, multi-lingual 
the skirt of Martha Graham evertwirling
in it gold tinsel swishing

an old, knowing dog crouching
a tin ceiling bent downwards

init some kind of holy order

morning light is on pause
bent into a broken thing

two men in their cups on a beer-bottled brown lawn
candles keeping away bad spirits

plants reaching skywards 
old peeling signs
a wilted text message

tuning forks, tuning

did it die of lonliness Gwen?
was it the last of our mysteries?
it did, it was

ladies dressed in white lining the walls 
in it such an inner
in it the bricks are burning
we are eating garlic sauce and 3d pita in Hamtramck
with the sun kinding

perhaps it is all friendly
and really what we have here is fish
but the mothers are voiceless
and loud in their inference

in it my language opposites
in it i tell you to hang pictures of what happened
a productive Tuesday
in it problem solving is A1
in it i was thinking of tying a porkchop around my neck so the cat would play with me

everyone is sorry to see you gone
its just two fish
what is wrong with you?
they are middling

in it the stars are on an upswing
a pearly white dashboard only practical in the a.m.
in it an inner

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