Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

by James Lindsay 

Was the face intentional, or were you practicing flexing
your pure medium of middle light? The obscure pink swirl
probably depicts fish, speculates The Tate. A sign of scurvy
in a seaside town waiting for the end. In 1906 the National
Gallery gave the incomplete work title and focus. Corporeal
consequence for an optical illusion, atmospheric conditions,
a golden Om interpreted as water because you adored water,
and later, whalers. England was obsessed with sea monsters,
and you were treating a tooth ache with acetate of morphia,
reconnecting the shrapnel of leftover delirium into a Pangea,
momentarily abstracting romanticism to expose a flattened
amber ambience; a frog face hanging in a honeyed diamond.

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