Friday, January 22, 2016

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

by Ali Znaidi

Sun can be a thick lemon in the mouths of invisible sea
monsters. The sea waves take the camouflage of sullied 
lemonade. It’s a matter of betrayal. A corpus of concepts 
distorted by translation and empirical encoding. This sun 
has arisen from a corroded sky, an eczematous firmament, 
or precisely, from a foundation that has nothing to do but 
conceal and mystify, creating glossy legends, but, in fact, 
the coin inside the wallet is rusty. It’s just a schema using 
fake metavariables that may be replaced by flowery linguistic 
items to yield malformed formulae—Fake golden piercings 
on the monsters’ tongues—This monstrous, one-sided, ugly 
truth they want us to believe under the lure of yellow shadows. 

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