Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

by Jacqueline Valencia

This is the ick that lines the stomach
when crisis strikes.

Instead of butterflies there
Pisces exists
having just missed
a scheduled planetary alignment
it all goes retrograde
affecting Taurus in the gut.

A new day dawns but the
visceral pain
is still there
the fishes swim
making the heart sick
instead of bloom
they jet out
every which way
from tips of fingers
top of the head
hang on to the throat
for a while before
heading down to the toes
making the knees buckle
in their trajectories.

They spin so fast
create another
species of themselves
growing tentacles out
blotting out whatever light,
love, and a solar system of
hope becomes eclipsed by
a new soul-sucking,
gall-ingesting void.

A body is a cage of feeling
and the keys are hidden in the head
in cosmic antlers
the monster can only get out
when hurt escapes all reason
so push it down with astral arms
down further below
and it will dive
to avoid its disintegration
a fence will be built to corral it
binding it into submission
as an impression of its purest form
grief in repression.

The sun rises again
despite the emotional
whirlpool of endurance
in the solar plexus
obscuring the deep feel.

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